As the symbol of the Olympic spirit and achievement, athletics covers about ten main families of sporting disciplines. Practised in or outside stadiums, their common feature is that they use and optimise the “natural” movements of the body, such as running, jumping or throwing.

In addition to their regular training, selectors and trainers take their athletes on special training camp to polish particular aspects of their preparation. Faster, Higher, Stronger!

saut à la perche

Performance adjustment throughout the year:

From the indoor 60 metres to the marathon, and including the jumping and throwing disciplines, athletes need to develop and maintain a high standard of overall form throughout the athletics season, and hone it for the various competitions.

> Back-to-work-shops:

Even though physical requirements may vary from one sport to another, it is rare for any athletics discipline to be able to do without work on initial endurance and muscular power improvement. During these training camps, you can assess and develop capacities, and observe progress in endurance and resistance (aerobic and anaerobic exercise), work on explosiveness, spring capacity and power, via indoor or racetrack sessions. Not forgetting, of course, a review of all the technical aspects (suppleness, proprioception, speed of execution etc.).

> Fine tuning during the season:

In the days before an important meeting, plan a few days off base to place your athletes in the best performance conditions. In addition to going over his routine and his basic exercises, each athlete can focus his preparation on mental conditioning and fine tune his performance before the day, such as practising passing the baton. The appropriate equipment is indispensable for reproducing the conditions of D-day (hurdles, pole vaulting equipment etc.)

> End of season training camps:

When the time for seeking medals is over, these training camps enable the athletic season to wind down pleasantly. The younger athletes enjoy this type of session, which can be held at home or abroad.


Our services

We propose to cover all or part of the logistics of your stay, in terms both of training and other aspects.

> Technical aspects:

We identify the destinations that correspond to your selection criteria (sports facilities, swimming pools, overall budget etc.) and book the facilities for your training sessions.

> Other aspects:

You inform us of the group’s accommodation, catering and transport needs, for all ages. Also inform of ancillary activities to be added into the programme (eg. group trips, mountain biking, leisure activities etc.)

Our services cover all aspects of athletics and Paralympics, including indoor and off-stadium disciplines such as road running, marathon, walking, cross country etc.

“For me, a day without training is like a day without eating”.

Haile Gebreselassie, double Olympic 10,000 metres champion.