Whether you are a sports club, committee or federation, you organise one or several events every year, the management of which is particularly important for a successful sports season.

To enable you to make this event a success, Tourea Sports proposes to take over all the logistics involved in the competition (greeting guests at the airport, sorting out transport, booking accommodation and restaurants and possibly tourist trips), so that all you have to worry about is the smooth running of the sports programme and welcoming your guests in the sporting facility. We deal with everything else.

Many organisations have entrusted us with the management of their events, be they in France or in the French overseas territories (World Rock Climbing Championships at Bercy, Paris in September 2012, the finals of the French Super Motard Championships in Saint-Denis de la Réunion in November 2012, The World U20 Ice Hockey Championships (Division 1A) at Amiens in December 2012, or the European Country Dancing Championships in Paris in November 2013).

We have provided these federations with our expertise and we can say that each of these events has strengthened our mutual respect.

Try us for your next event: we will place all our teams at your disposal so that your guests leave with happy memories of the days they spent with you !

Logistics for competitions

How can sportsmen and women be in optimum conditions on D-day? We are of the view that nothing should disturb the concentration of teams and athletes in a competition, especially not a glitch in organisation or logistics.

At Tourea Sports, we consider that assistance to clubs and federations should not consist merely of organising preparation and training sessions. Where necessary, we can take responsibility for your group’s travel, accommodation and catering, throughout the competition. Let us deal with the non-sports side and concentrate better on what is essential: the truth on the pitch or the time on the stopwatch !

We deal with your basic requirements upon request:

– Travel : booking train or plane tickets to your destination, coaches to the hotel, minibus rentals for daily transport etc.

– Accommodation : Our experience allows us to offer accommodation sufficiently close to the competition venue, ranging from a sports centre to four-star hotels, including half board, full board, rented accommodation bed-and-breakfast, etc.

– Catering : special dietary requirements, early breakfast times to allow arrival on time at the track or pool, etc.

Although anticipation and foresight are key, there are often times when practical adjustments are needed. We take care of all last-minute changes such as, for instance, a different number of players than expected, delayed arrival of some participants etc.

We can deal with all sorts of competitions, in France or abroad, as for instance in swimming for the Senior World Championships in Montréal (2014).