It is often discovered at school, and it can be found on the highest steps of the Olympic and World Championship podiums! This sport is practised by half a million with handball licenses, as well as many others in France, for whom regular training can be ideally completed by a handball training camp.

balle handball

When to hold a training camp ?

There are usually three types of training camp :

> Back-to-work-shops :

You base your training sessions on what progress you hope to accomplish: skills sessions, work on footwork, mini-tournaments etc. Because handball is a sport of endurance and contact, basic training and improving physical capacity are usually a priority, but the virtues of back-to-work-shops are many and they also allow the group to solidify before the championship.

> During the season :

To get back into things after the break, or to prepare a competition or especially important match properly, plan to include a few days of specific preparation in your schedule. For example, a mountain trip with a mixture of basic training and video sessions to fine-tune the latest tactics.

> After the season :

Young (or not so young) handball players will be delighted to close the year with an end of season training camp. Why not cross the borders and participate in an international tournament to measure up against the greatest in the game ?


What we propose :

Assistance and logistical organisation of your trip, as regards both sports and extra-sporting activities.

> Sports activities :

We will help you to choose the location the best adapted to your training criteria: accommodation in the vicinity of the gymnasium, booking of training sessions, bodybuilding apparatus to complete the preparation, mini-hand for youngsters etc. We can also organise friendly matches with other teams.

> Extra-sporting activities :

Accommodation, catering, booking travel tickets – leave the logistics to us, and you will be able to concentrate entirely on the game to follow in the footsteps of the Barjots, the Costauds and the Experts, among other champions !

Make use of our trusted consultant specialised in handball, who will design a training camp specially for you, supervise things and greet you on arrival. The training camp can be for French teams in Europe and elsewhere, and also for foreign selections and clubs wishing to come and train in France. It can also be for teams, of whatever level and discipline: paralympic handball, sandball etc.

Handball consultant : Frédéric CAMBOURS

Logistics manager for 20 years specialised in sports training camps and events in France and abroad.

Former professional handball goalkeeper(Montpellier, Angers-Noyant, Gonfreville).

Recent references : preparation of the Montenegro national team for the Barcelona World Championships 2013 ; Fleury-les-Aubrais women’s team.

Contact & Quote Request

Frédéric Cambours - Tourea Sports

« Athletic potential is the trademark of French handball. The percentage of physical training in our preparations is far greater than for most of our opponents. Our power and solidity ensure that we perform well throughout the competition ».

Claude Onesta, Selector for the French team, twice Olympic champion.