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We are open to all disciplines, from the most traditional to the most innovative, and we can organise the logistics of your training camp. Whether it is on earth, on ice or sand, in water or even in the air, Tourea Sports can help sportsmen and women in their element !


Common features :

All sports comprise physical, technical and tactical requirements. The balance between intensity and type of training depends on the sport and the time of the training camp. However, there are usually three main periods that are preferred :

> Pre-season :

Most groundwork begins in this period, usually summertime. Many teams choose to move away to another country or to an environment that is radically different, to improve both performances and group cohesion.

> Mid-season breaks :

To break the rhythm of routine training and repeated matches, which not only tire the body but also weigh on players’ morale, mid-season training camps allow them to re-focus on the goals remaining to be achieved. These specific training camps also enable fine-tuning for a particular match or competition.

> After the competition :

End of season training camps are the icing on the cake, a reward for the efforts made during the season. For the younger teams, they often take place during a tournament abroad.


We offer :

> Training and match venues :

Depending on your requirements in terms of training venue and equipment, we place all our experience at your disposal to find facilities tailored to your needs. Furthermore, we can find teams for friendly matches, tournaments and practice.

> Bespoke logistical supervision :

So that you can train with no worries weighing on your mind, we can deal with accommodation, transport, catering and extra activities.

Depending on your discipline, our consultant will deal with your training camp from A to Z and can be there to greet you when you arrive.

Combat and martial arts : judo, boxing, tae-kwondo, aikido etc.
Cycling : Mountain bike, road or track cycling etc.
Motor sports : motor racing, motocross, enduro etc.
Indoor sports : fencing, gymnastics etc.
Alpine sports : Downhill skiing and snowboard, Nordic skiing, biathlon etc.
Target sports : archery, shooting etc.
Racquet sports : tennis, squash, table tennis, badminton etc.
handisport, handisport, paralympic and adapted sports

…and many others!

Recent references :

– preparation of the French national paralympic cycling team for the London Olympics 2012.
– Campilaro 2014 (cycling).

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“To reach the final goal, I concentrate first on the preparation”.

David Douillet, double Olympic champion over 95 kg category.