The main types of training camp:

> Back-to-work -shops :

Pre-season preparation is what future successes will be built upon. In the heart of summer, this training camp will get players back into shape with repeated high-intensity physical activities. A training camp location equipped with bodybuilding facilities and space for basic training is essential. Not forgetting the basic technical work and friendly matches! It is also the opportunity to harmonise players’ physical preparation and encourage new arrivals to integrate the group.

> training camps during the season :

Here, the keyword is adjustment – be it revising game patterns, fine tuning technical movements, specific physical work for injured players, or other. Teams take advantage of the mid-season layoff to make necessary adjustments and go over the strategies specific to the various aspects of the game: scrums, line-outs, defence etc. Done at the right moment in the season, this type of training camp can enable your team to emerge victorious from the scrum!

> After the competition :

To add the finishing touch to a season of effort and work. Particularly useful for young teams, end of season training camps give them a breather and allow them to forget the demands of competition. Leisure and relaxation activities can be added into the training camp. Why not a foreign trip, the best reward ?


Our services

It is you who set out the requirements for the training camp. TOUREA Sports will deal with the logistics. Based in South-West France, where the oval ball reigns supreme, our agency uses a network of partners in France and abroad, capable of supplying this kind of service, in both technical and extra-sporting activities.

> Technical aspect :

Choice of training pitches and ancillary facilities such as bodybuilding and cardio facilities, sauna, running track for basic training, tackling bags etc., and organisation of friendly matches with other teams of suitable level and age category (from under 11’s to seniors), training schedules etc.

> And more :

We can organise all your travel: for example, if you wish to go to a particular competition abroad, or to take charge of your group between accommodation and training location. Similarly, we can find accommodation and catering tailored to your needs, and plan other activities during your stay.

Your project will be steered by a consultant specialised in rugby and experienced in organising these training camps. He will be there to greet you when you arrive. Every type of rugby can, of course, be catered for (XV, XIII or VII a side, paralympic rugby, American football, touch rugby etc.

Our rugby consultant : Frédéric CAMBOURS

Logistics manager for 20 years specialised in sports training camps and events in France and abroad.

Recent references : éWelsh national team; Frédéric has also organised the European trips of the All Blacks over the past few years.

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Frédéric Cambours

“Rugby is the only sport where you meet each other. In all the other sports, you pass each other”.

Lucien Mias, second line and Captain of the French team winner of the Five Nations Cup in 1959.