In swimming perhaps more than in other sports, specific training sessions or training camps can be seen as an indispensable parallel to daily training. The spread of competitions over the season requires regular, precise adjustments in the intensity of preparation. Moreover, because swimming excellence is due to usually solitary repetition and effort, changes of location and training camp can break up the monotony of daily training.

A training camp for each phase of the season :

> Pre-season:

The aim of these pre-season preparation camp, be they in the pool or in open water, is to develop overall endurance and the other basic qualities of the swimmer: speed, strength, coordination, suppleness etc. In most cases, classic conditioning work and dry exercises will be combined with diving, entry and turning work, techniques that will allow precious hundredths of seconds to be gained in competition.

> During the season:

To avoid going under when THE major competition comes into view, we propose a high-intensity training camp. Every aspect of techinque can be dealt with during this fine-tuning period, including mental race preparation, since it is right from the outset that defeat or victory is decided, especially in sprints. If you are preparing a relay competition, it is also an opportunity to work on passing the relay to the next swimmer.

> After the season :

A training camp enables swimmers to recuperate and is a reward for all the previous work. The younger swimmers in your club, for instance, could be given an unforgettable end-of-year week.


Our services

After identifying your expectations and needs, we endeavour to provide an appropriate solution as regards both training organisation and the other aspects of the training camp.

> Technical aspects:

Number of lanes required, type of pool sought (25 or 50 metres), need for bodybuilding appliances, body of water adapted to open water swimming, etc. Do not just think France: we also offer destinations throughout Europe (Italy, UK, Slovenia, Hungary etc) and the world (Australia, Canada, Qatar, US etc.).

> All the other aspects:

Accommodation, catering, transport… we can even, if necessary, offer additional insurance and provide welcoming staff on your trips. Also ask us about other sports or leisure pursuits parallel to the swimming sessions.

We can assist for pool training but also for any other derived discipline such as open water swimming, diving, water polo, synchronised swimming etc. Similarly, a swimming-only training camp could interest modern pentathlon, trail and triathlon athletes.

Our swimming consultant : Franck GOUSSARD

15 years experience as a specialist in the logistics of swimming training and events. 7 years as head of an accommodation centre in Paris.

Recent references : French Open water team ; National diving teams for the USA, Canada, Mexico.

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Franck Goussard

« When you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail ».

Mark Spitz, seven-times Olympic champion at Munich, 1972.