The various options :

As for other sports, the competition schedule dictates group life and degree of preparation. There are several possibilities over the year :

> The Back-to-work-shop:

This is particularly important for grass hockey players, but should not be neglected either by ice hockey players. Endurance is worked on essentially during the pre-season and serves as a foundation on which to build the rest of the preparation. Basic training and stop-start exercises on the running track, core stabilisation and muscle strengthening will no doubt be part of the daily routine for a training camp with the addition of technical and tactical exercises.

> During the season :

To get back into rhythm, keep up the group’s condition and morale, or to prepare for a decisive match, you could plan a training camp during the competition season. It is the moment for last-minute tactical adjustments (managing numerical inferiority and superiority, placed attacks etc.). It is often in the details that a team will win at the end of that vital period!

> After the season :

Once the season is over, everyone can take a deep breath and look back over the progress made. To prolong the pleasure of living together, you could indulge in various activities that take the hockey player out of his normal habitat.


Our services :

Depending on your wishes (sports or extras) we will endeavour to organise a bespoke training camp.

> For training and preparation :

We find the best places for your training: ice rink, stabilised pitch or synthetic grass (sanded, semi-sanded, non-sanded, with sprinklers etc.), premises suitable for indoor hockey (PVC, parquet, lino) and book your training sessions. We also book bodybuilding facilities and any other equipment requested.

> Ancillary logistics :

We manage your transport and travel to the training or competition venue, suitable accommodation for the group, catering etc. All you will need to worry about is playing on the grass or ice and getting the ball or the puck into the back of the net!

We can deal with the logistics of all types of hockey: ice, grass, indoor, beach hockey etc.

“100% of the things you don’t try fail”.

Wayne Gretzky, Considered as the greatest hockey player of all time.