Who are we ?

Tourea Sports is an agency born from the meeting of sportsmen and women from all disciplines, with a common passion for sport. Some of us are former top sportsmen or women, and have vast experience in the organisation of sports workshops and events for all levels. The goal of our team of specialists is to focus first and foremost on the client.

Athletes are never so good as when they devote themselves entirely to their sport! Managing transport, scheduling, booking, choosing a suitable venue, making practical adjustments… the logistics for sports federations and clubs can soon become a daily nightmare !

Using our real experience in organising and managing all the types of event involving sporting bodies in France and throughout the world, we mobilise all our know-how to advise you. Experience, yes – but also our capacity to listen and adapt which are essential in reaching true understanding with you.

Tourea Sports is a trademark belonging to the Tourea Group, which has specialised in theme travel for a number of years and is based in south-west France, near Toulouse.

Our references :

– Tunisian swimming and weight lifting teams (preparation London Olympics)
– French cycling handisport team and Qatar Paralympic committee
– World Rock Climbing Championships, Bercy
– SU Agen in Italy (Rugby European Cup)
– Final French Supermotards Championship (motorbike) (La Réunion)
– World U 20 Ice Hockey Championships, Amiens
– Montenegro handball team preparation for the World Championships in Spain
– Welsh and Scottish rugby teams playing France (Six nations Tournament)
– FFH Handisports Days – French Enduro (motorbike) team in Chile, Argentina, Romania, Greece and Sardinia
– American, Canadian and Mexican diving teams in Majorca (final training session before the Barcelona World Championships
– French junior Open Water swimming team (final training session before the European Championships in Turkey)
– Qatar track and field
– Cannes volleyball
– French national schools teams in Brazil (Gymnasiades)
– Management of the New Zealand rugby team (All Blacks) by one of our consultants since 1999