Our sERVICES in France and abroad

Choosing Tourea Sports ensures all your investments in large scale events are in safe hands. It means working with a reliable and strong group.

Training camps and tours

  • Package camp and tour offers
  • Over 200 locations in France and over 100 locations abroad for all sports
  • All bookings for the logistics of your travel plans (accommodation, catering, sports facilities, transportation…)

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Children camps

  • Training camps with famous coaches and champions
  • Dedicated to license holders aged 8 to 17 and masters
  • Expertise in regulations and organization
  • Mostly organized during summer breaks and design to welcome everyone


Competition tours

  • Handling all the logistics of your trips in France and overseas
  • For all kinds of competitions: championships, meetings, tournaments, regional cups…
  • For all requirements: flights alone, accommodation, catering, chartered buses or car rental, equipment transportation, plane or sea freight…
  •  Best rates negotiated with major international hotel groups
  • Close attention to your budget based on previous year spending


Sports Events

  • Welcoming all participants upon arrival
  • Accommodation booking
  • Catering booking and arrangements
  • Monitoring of all event related transportation
  • Providing facilities for meetings and talks
  • Setting up liaison officers for each delegation
  • Handling sports fans, partners and all VIPs related to the event


Sports fan transport

  • Organizing all-inclusive trips
  • Operating from many different cities
  • Escorted all along the journey by a Tourea Sports consultant
  • Accommodation and transportation planning
  • Tickets to the games
  • Possible goodies fan kit upon arrival
  • Meeting the champions (following federation and club agreements)
  • Visits and tourism upon demand


Seminars and general meetings

  • Finding appropriate locations for your seminars
  • Sourcing side activities
  • Involving high level sportsman and women as speakers at your events


Friendly games

  • Booking the locations that meet the game requirements
  • Finding even level opponents for your friendly games
  • Organizing friendly events after the game


Why us ?

  • Keen knowledge of all the requirements related to sports tours
  •  Highly experienced multilingual team
  • Close attention to all competition and event’s specifications
  • Tailored approach to your major hosted competitions
  • Saving time for your teams
  • Budget optimization for competitions
  • Financially viable events
  • Specific counselling for candidate applications
  • Perfect knowledge of every region of France
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