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So, you need help on French territory?

Tourea Sports is recognized worldwide for its services to foreign delegation. With the help of a strong network of reliable contacts in the sports domain in France, we guarantee the success of your Sports Tours in France

Accommodation, catering, transportation, training, friendly games, logistics, visits and tourism, tailored attendance with bilingual and trilingual experts…

Who is this for ?

Amateur and professional clubs

Foreign sports federations

Foreign travel agencies

Foreign fan and supporter groups


  • Personalized quotes based on your sports, groups and projects
  • Guaranteed services for a secure trip
  • Training with the best French coaches in professional clubs
  • Expertise in selecting the locations and facilities all over France for every sport
  • Friendly balanced matches with our local partner clubs
  • Organized visits to make the most of the stay in France
  • Full support all along the journey with one of our bilingual or trilingual attendants
  •  Transportation arrangements (chartered buses, trains, planes)
  • Booking of all your accommodation and catering services

Our strong network of reliable contact will guarantee the success of your Sports Tours in France.


Managing Director de ICAN Consulting

Shandong Volley Ball was the first chinese volley ball club to come to France in October 2015. LZ Sport, in collaboration with TOUREA SPORTS made a great job to organize our stay in Tours and Paris. We have been playing against 2 of the best french teams and all the visits were very well chosen and prepared. We enjoyed a lot our stay and will do our best to make other chinese teams coming to France in a close future. Tours and Paris are also welcome in China if they want to begin a partnership with Shandong.

Sports Tours Director - Halsbury Travel and liaison officer for the French rugby team during le 2015 World Cup.

We have been working hand in hand with Tourea Sports since their creation in 2011. Every year many British sports teams are attended to by Tourea Sports on French soil, and every time with close attention to detail and care. Their network opened up the doors to many professional French clubs where our teams from all over the UK were happy to go.

Our international partners

We can easily organize trips in the UK (many partnering agencies) or even in Qatar thanks to partners such as the Qatar Tourism Authority.



Frédéric CAMBOURS Head of the Sports Tours department
Marie FLEURY Administrative Officer
Alicia LEPRETTE Sports Tours department Sales Agent
Hugo BALLARIN Sports Tours department Sales Assistant